Review: Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight

written by Alyssa Goodnight
published by Kensington Publishing Corporation

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Why did I pick this book: I was lucky enough to win this book from The author, Ms. Goodnight, sent me the book and to my wonderful surprise, it was signed! (That made my day! And yes, Ms. Goodnight, I do believe in magic.)

Did I enjoy this book: I really, really loved this book! It hooked me from the very beginning and didn’t release me until the very end. I read this book every free chance I had…every free moment, every stolen moment, every chance!

When I first read the synopsis of this book, I immediately thought of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (I am a huge Harry Potter geek fan. So anytime a connection can be made, it usually pops in my head.) I loved that once I hit chapter 3 of this book, there was a Harry Potter reference and Luna Lovegood zing! But, this book was so much more than my initial thought and so much better.

The journal wisdom from “Fairy Jane” was really creative. The wisdom helped Nicola do things she would not normally do…especially if those things deviated from her “Plan.” I kept rooting for Sean ever since his first appearance at the wedding. I wanted Nicola to chuck “the Plan” and follow her heart and “Fairy Jane’s” advice. I cared and I wanted her to find her happiness. And Sean was a great character. I could hear his accent, see his smirk (and him in a kilt!), and I could feel the emotions that he sent through Nicola.

When Nicola kept going for Brett, I wanted to smack her upside the head. Really? Brett? Really?!? The lunch date was enough to stop any of that crazy talk about how perfect Brett is.

The supporting characters were fun. Beck was a great confidante and it was enjoyable to see the mentor turn into the mentee when things went beyond her comfort zone. The neighbors were a bit annoying but fit in well with the story. Gabe was Gabe…that perfect guy friend.

And really, anyone who can reference The Princess BrideHarry Potter, and The Gods Must Be Crazy along side the great Jane Austen all within the first 5 chapters is okay in my book!

Would I recommend it: I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Jane Austen and you enjoy books that are about Jane Austen. (Who doesn’t love Jane Austen?!?!?)

Will I read it again: This book has most definitely made my to be reread every year list…up there with Pride and Prejudice, the Harry Potter series, and a few others!

About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Nicola James is a straight-laced engineer with a “Plan” for her life. One day, while shopping for a unique gift, she stumbled across an antique journal among some Jane Austen novels in a quaint little shop. She purchased this journal then promptly spilled her tea all over it rendering it ungiftable in her eyes. Little did she know that this journal would be the greatest gift she ever gave herself!

Nicola is a lover of all things Jane Austen. She has the books, the calendar, the spin-offs. This journal seems right up her Austen alley. She decides to write in the journal that promises that if she follows the “Micellanious Morsels” within, she will receive “very important Instructions” that will guide her life. To her surprise and chagrin, the journal writes back to her – actually, the journal responds to her. The response is very Austen-esque and Nicola wonders if the journal is channeling Jane Austen herself. Although Nicola is very much a logical person and often bends to reason, she finds herself following the advice of “Fairy Jane.”

Where does “Fairy Jane” lead her?

Nicola has always harbored a thing for fellow engineer and co-worker, Brett Tilson. He is a sensible match that would definitely fit into her Plan. However, when Nicola meets Sean MacInnes at a co-workers wedding, “Fairy Jane” has other plans for Nicola. Sean is the opposite of what Nicola is looking for. He is a Scottish musician who rides a motorcycle and probably doesn’t have a 401k  or any retirement savings at all. Sean is also very romantic and completely smitten with Nicola, tracking her down at her work and whisking her away for a few very memorable dates.

Will Nicola follow the “Plan” and abandon true romance? Or will she follow “Fairy Jane” and “be sensible and indulge in a little romance”?

Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!


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