Insatiable by Meg Cabot

written by Meg Cabot          
published by HarperCollins Publishers

Why did I pick this book: I won a bundle of books from (Thanks again Lisa! I love the books!!!) This was one of the books in that ten book bundle. 

Did I enjoy this book: I did. At first, it was hard for me to adjust back to reading a hardcover book…I’m a Nook girl. But, after I got over that, I did enjoy it and I really wanted to see how it would end. I read every free chance I could while holding a hardcover book. 

It was a lot like a lot of other vampire books that are out there. I saw references to the Twilight series (how Lucien couldn’t stand the movie vampires) and the Sookie Stackhouse series (that vampires go to dust in the sun, they can survive on bottled blood and refrain from feeding on humans unless those humans are willing participants, three times bitten is significant). And from both of those series that someone can either read minds, or kind of read minds, or predict the future, etc and so forth. I didn’t mind this because I think most story lines have been used and will continue to be used. 

With that being said, it was a great story. I enjoyed that Meena was a soap opera writer and really disliked the whole vampire story arc and how reluctant she was to delve into that. Lucien was a great character – compassionate, good looking, not wanting to be a demon or evil. He truly loves Meena, that is obvious.

There are a lot of secondary story lines that are developed that could have been omitted or shortened a bit. I can see why she had these characters. They did help the story move and added another layer of people to care and/or worry about but they didn’t add that much to the story. I have to wonder if these stories will play a bigger role in the sequel.

Would I recommend it: Sure. Only if you like the vampire love story genre.

Will I read it again: It is not on the top of my “must read every year” list. But that doesn’t say that I will never read it again. We’ll have to see. 

About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Meena Harper is a writer for the hit soap opera Insatiable. She should be in line for a promotion to head writer until her co-worker Shoshana talks the network and the show into going with the current trend – a vampire love interest for the leading teen aged girl character on the show. 

Meena lives with her older brother, Jon, in a cooperative apartment highrise in New York City. Her neighbors, Emil and Mary Lou Antonescu, are nice, rich, and Mary Lou is always trying to set Meena up and give her ideas for her soap opera. 

One would think that Meena leads an ordinary life but Meena has a secret of her own. She can see how people are going to die just by looking at them. Meena tries to the right thing by steering those people away from their impending death and changing their life expectancy but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes strangers just don’t want to hear that they are going to die if they walk down that street, or get in that car, or if they do not get their cholesterol checked. So, Meena does what she can. 

When Meena meets Lucien, she cannot see his death. She cannot understand how it is that her “vision” is blank when it comes to him. She falls for him immediately – he was her knight in shining armor, the mysterious prince that saved her. But why is Lucien Antonescu in New York City? There is a serious of deaths of young women going on at the hand of his own. Of course, once she gets together with Lucien, she meets Alaric Wulf. 

Oh, Alaric…a member of the Palantine Guard who happens to be in New York City hunting the demons, the creatures of the night. He is there because of the vampire war – a civil war of sorts, brother against brother. Of course, Alaric falls for Meena and cannot understand why. He thinks she should fall for him as well. He has a bit of an ego but seems nice enough, especially when he starts to question all of his beliefs and his purpose when he sees the prince of darkness try to save Meena.

If you have read it, let me know what you think!!!


  1. Meg Cabot, I love your writing. I will continue to buy your books. Just don’t sell out like this!! And if you do, please make the book not quite so stupid.