Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga Series #4) by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga Series #4)
written by Stephenie Meyer             
published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Why did I pick this book: As with the first three and a half books in this series, I read these books at least once a year. Especially when a new movie is coming out. And since the new movie that is coming out is Breaking Dawn, Part 1, I “had” to read this book. And I read the last few chapters twice. 

Did I enjoy this book: Yes.  This is my second favorite book of the series. (My favorite is the first book.) 

My favorite part of this book is the climax at the end between the Cullens, their friends, and the Volturi. I know some people think that it is anticlimactic but I disagree. I found it very good, nerve-racking, and it has me on the edge of my seat every time I read it. 

The rest of the book is good…I liked the different perspectives during the first half of the book. It’s nice to hear the story from Jacob’s point of view…especially since he has a bigger role in this book. (The bigger role I think was great. He stepped up and it worked in the story.)

Would I recommend it: Yes. 

Will I read it again: Yes. Yes. Yes.

About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: We begin with Bella and Edward’s wedding followed by an eventful honeymoon. 

Then Bella finds that she is pregnant with Edward’s child. Of course, it is a very difficult pregnancy that puts Bella, Edward, and Jacob through a rough ordeal. Bella is madly in love with her child (as any expectant mom is) but she also wants Jacob around along with Edward. This becomes confusing for everyone. Bella also has a new ally — Rosalie.

During this time, Jacob breaks off from Sam’s pack and takes his rightful place as the Alpha. He is soon joined by others and protect the Cullen family…especially Bella.

Once Bella gives birth, she almost doesn’t survive. Edward gets permission and transforms Bella into a vampire. Then we are treated to how Bella adapts to life as a vampire and a new mom. 

Later, the Volturi come to punish, destroy, and acquire. But will they succeed??? Who will survive??? How will it end???

If you have read it, let me know what you think!!!